McLean, Virginia, October 2, 2017 – RunSafe Security, Inc., a cybersecurity startup pioneering cyber hardening technology, announced that it has been selected to join Virginia’s MACH37 program.

RunSafe’s patented technology protects critical infrastructure and its embedded systems – from industrial control systems to drones, vehicles and medical devices – from cyber-attack.  The company has early market traction in the automotive and communications infrastructure industries, including protecting cloud infrastructure, networking equipment and appliances.

As a focused business accelerator, MACH37 brings together domain experts, successful entrepreneurs and investors steeped in the security market to create a platform for success for innovators and their startups. MACH37 cohort companies receive an equity investment and are coached through the program.

“The threat landscape in today’s industry is changing rapidly and is more complex than ever before. In response, the need for product innovation in the enterprise and consumer markets is at an all-time high,” said Tom Weithman, President of MACH37.

The Fall 2017 program began with an inaugural kickoff event that took place on Thursday, September 28th in Crystal City, Virginia.

“We are excited to be working with the MACH37 team and along side our fellow cohort members,” said Joe Saunders, CEO of RunSafe Security. “We not only want to make the world a safer place, but do so in an easy to deploy way.”

RunSafe’s cybersecurity protection is unique in three important ways:

  • Protection is built-in to the code itself rather than relying on bolt-on technologies such as Anti-Virus, Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems that can be bypassed,
  • Protection is automated rather than depending on manual software reengineering, instrumentation or inspections that can miss vulnerabilities and
  • The process does not require access to source code, libraries or a trusted supply chain.

About RunSafe Security,

RunSafe is a cybersecurity startup pioneering cyber hardening technology designed to disrupt attackers and protect vulnerable embedded systems and devices. With the ability to make each embedded system and device functionally identical but logically unique, RunSafe renders threats inert by eliminating attack vectors, significantly reducing vulnerabilities and denying malware the uniformity required to propagate. Based outside Washington D.C., customers span the IIoT, critical infrastructure, automotive and national security industries. For more information, visit


+1 (571) 441-5076


About MACH37,

MACH37™ is the premier accelerator for information security entrepreneurs and startups.  We go beyond the traditional model of typical business accelerators by bringing our innovators focused mentorship and support from our extensive network of visionaries, practitioners, and successful entrepreneurs in security.  Our Spring and Fall sessions are designed to propel graduating companies into the marketplace, equipped with the skills to grow and compete for funding and market share. MACH37™ was launched in 2013 by the Center for Innovative Technology, in Herndon, Virginia.  To learn more, please visit and follow @MACH37cyber on Twitter.