Alkemist:Repo offers pre-hardened open source packages that can dramatically reduce the attack surface across your Enterprise IT Software Infrastructure.

50% of vulnerabilities in open source code often go unmitigated, even after four years, leaving organizations exposed. Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments need runtime security protections beyond those offered by cloud providers.

For Enterprise IT Managers
– Download pre-hardened binaries of your favorite open source code
– Choose from Apache, NGINX, memcached, redis, node.js, python, and more
– No change in functionality or performance, with security built-in

For Cloud Workload Protection Platforms
– Gartner says memory protection is a “must-have” in Cloud Workload Protection Platforms
– Dramatically reduce attack surfaces of deployed software by at least 60-70%
– Dramatically reduce your customers’ exposure to the most severe cyber attacks

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Memory Protections for cloud workloads is a core strategy


“Effortlessly Immunize Software – Rapidly Inoculate Compiled Code Against Software Memory Vulnerabilities”