Determined to fundamentally change people’s misconceptions that all software bugs are inherently corrupt is Chief Vulnerability Officer BugZ. A distant, digital-native cousin to the Armadillo bug, BugZ is sick and tired of being blamed for having his weaknesses, which are no fault of his own, exploited by malicious attackers. Such frequent and cruel slander is why BugZ decided to commit his life’s work to befriend those who try to exterminate him and educate them about how imperfect bugs, himself included, don’t have to result in damaging cyberattacks.

Although it would take one of the Earth’s most powerful microscopes to see his brain, BugZ is smart enough to know that software cannot ever be 100 percent vulnerability free. He’s particularly perplexed by organizations that continuously spend their time and money chasing bugs and is thunderstruck by companies that choose to keep their binaries identical, making them easy targets for malware to replicate. Widely regarded as the Aristotle of his species, BugZ is a free and deep thinker with the thick exoskeleton necessary to make the technical aspects of RunSafe understandable to anyone who doubts the technology or his expertise.

A self-educated, burgeoning Vegan chef (bugs eat leaves, after all), BugZ knows how software bugs surreptitiously hide in plain sight and enable exploits to jump from device to device with impunity. He uses his ‘inside baseball’ knowledge to explain how RunSafe’s cyberhardening process is the perfect antidote to protect embedded systems and devices from attack. Before he is eaten by a frog, BugZ is poised to make binary randomization and control flow integrity the gold-standard for critical infrastructure security and remove the negative stigma that threatens his entire species.