Doug Britton

Minus the radical physical prowess and an inherent ability to regenerate from injury, Chief Technology Officer Doug Britton (Agent D) boasts the tenacity, instinct and intuition of Wolverine, the infamous X-Men anti-hero at the forefront of transforming comic books from the niche into the mainstream. Much like his superhuman alter ego, Agent D also finds himself in constant clashes of ethics and morality – the only difference being that his conflicts are with unknown adversaries seeking to exploit embedded systems and devices.

A helpless cybersecurity romantic at heart, Agent D’s professional mission is to transform the relationship between innovation and adoption so that newfound risks and vulnerabilities can be mitigated with haste. Having previously built and sold a mobile security and device management company to Samsung, Agent D attributes much of his career accomplishment to his actual Superhero power of breaking down the barriers of fear that too often lead to cyber induced paralysis.

We’re pretty sure that Agent D’s previous work at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, then later as a Russian Linguist and Interrogator for the US Army truly happened, but they do sound like made-up, comic book, alter-ego-ish type jobs. At RunSafe, Agent D is much more than a stereotypical CTO. He plays an essential role in showcasing how RunSafe’s technology actually changes the economics of cyber defense, giving defenders a fighting chance to build the latest capabilities with confidence in their systems. He hopes to accomplish this without ever having to show his metal claws.