Simon Hartley

A stereotypical Englishman with an over-appreciation for Monty Python, Vice President of Business Development Simon Hartley (KillerRabbitSi) fancies himself like the famed Rabbit of Caerbannog, known for packing a punch without telegraphing his intentions ahead of time. With an army of acronyms at his side (CEH, CISSP, CIPP/US, and US Citizenship), KillerRabbitSi plays a salient role in transforming misperceptions around the complexity of critical infrastructure cybersecurity that have persisted over time.

Revered as a lexicologist by his peers, KillerRabbitSi has a strong distaste for the overuse of security buzzwords like AI, machine learning, and blockchain, believing that such language is no more than a cheeky attempt to market products and services that can mask cybersecurity issues without actually solving them. This is why KillerRabbitSi loves his mission, which is to showcase how and why RunSafe’s technology fundamentally disrupts the traditional attackers’ playbook as a means to truly stop attacks before any damage can be done.

KillerRabbitSi is a member of the CrossFit cult, a travel and history buff, and like many weather and culinary challenged Brits, used to live in France. Simultaneously appreciated and detested as the class chatterbox, KillerRabbitSi has attended Manchester University (B.Sc. in Physics) and the University of Maryland (M.S. Law & Cybersecurity and Executive MBA 2019). KillerRabbitSi is hyper-focused on driving adoption of RunSafe Security, and his success in doing so is making it harder and harder for malware to hide.