Alkemist reduces attack surfaces and costs associated with frequent security updates and releases.  Without changing a line of code or slowing down product releases, you and your development teams can immunize your software by adding Alkemist to your CI/CD tool chain.

Alkemist:Source is fully approved on IronBank, the DoD’s repository for DevSecOps tools.

Alkemist:Source integrates into the source code during linking and compilation and can, therefore, randomize each time the binary is loaded into memory.

Alkemist:Source built binaries are identical on-disk, meaning the same binary can be signed and deployed to any number of devices while denying the attacker function location information.

Alkemist:Source hardens three elements:

  • software moving through the CI/CD pipeline
  • containers in the pipeline
  • containers used to support operations (e.g. MySQL, SSH, Apache Web Server, Java Interpreter, etc.)

Get Started with Alkemist

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White Paper

RunSafe Security and Memory Threats: Using Alkemist® to Fight the Exponential Growth in Memory Vulnerabilities and Immunize Software from Attacks


RunSafe Security TITAN Teaming Webinar: An overview of Alkemist, a live demo, and how to integrate Alkiemist’s capabilities into teams bidding for the federal government TITAN contract.