The Internet of Things (IoT) was introduced to the manufacturing industry to bring efficiency, scalability and cost savings, yet the resulting cybersecurity risks have mitigated many of the benefits. Previously disparate machines now communicate across unsecured networks and the connectivity of legacy systems has spawned thousands of new and complex vulnerabilities. In fact, the attack surface in the industrial IoT (IIoT) era has become so widespread that the manufacturing sector has become one of the most frequently hacked industries for intellectual property theft.

Next Generation Cyber Defense: RASP technology helps automation industries combat malware.

The RunSafe Advantage

RunSafe Security cyberhardens manufacturing devices and systems already in the field, enabling them to be functionally identical, but logically unique. This saves time and money on modernization costs while maintaining availability and uptime of mission critical equipment. For new devices, RunSafe Security can embed its technology in the manufacturing process, protecting manufacturers from liability and lawsuits related to a successful IIoT attacks.