Cyberhardening of Military Systems is a requirement for today’s battlefield.  Cyberattack is part of all adversaries’ tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s), whether near-peer or unconventional.  Legacy systems are especially vulnerable, as some were designed before cyber threats existed.  In addition, concerns about supply chain integrity are growing, a recognition of potential insider threats as well as software supplied by contractors and sub-contractors.

Increase mission success probability, protect readiness and disrupt attacker timing by cyberhardening national security systems.

The RunSafe Advantage

RunSafe Security reduces attack surfaces and makes systems functionally identical but logically unique.  In a field where mission readiness and effectiveness is a priority, RunSafe Security cyberhardens vulnerable embedded systems and devices on platforms, weapons, sensors, and data centers to prevent attacks from propagating. It can be applied to both systems in development and legacy systems, and   supports compliance with NIST 800-53 and similar DoD cyber security instructions.