Special Edition: Women in Cybersecurity

In a special edition of the podcast ‘Lessons from the School of Security Hard Knocks’ we delve into a compelling discussion that shines a spotlight on the incredible women who are redefining the cybersecurity landscape.

Let’s dive into the incredibly intriguing subject of “Women in Cybersecurity” with the winners of the RunSafe Cybersecurity Leadership Awards: Christine Gadsby, Kiersten Todt, and Madison Horn. This episode also features Laurie Williams, Vijaya Kaza, Lee Kappon, Teresa Shea, Jen Sovada, Candice Frost, and Megan Samford.

These cyber leaders are at the forefront, sharing their invaluable experiences and the toughest lessons they’ve learned along the way. Their lessons are not only enlightening but also instrumental for anyone striving for success in this ever-evolving domain.

Tap to listen, and let’s join forces in championing diversity, inclusion, and innovation in cybersecurity. Together, we can create a safer and more resilient digital world.

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