Software Guardian

Cyberharden vulnerable embedded systems and devices. Disrupt the traditional economics of cyberattacks and deny the routine tactics and techniques that attackers prefer.

Most of today’s cybersecurity tools cannot keep up with evolving threats and multiplying vulnerabilities. With Guardian, organizations can reduce vulnerabilities and make them virtually impossible to exploit.

The RunSafe Security Advantage: Equip legacy systems already in use or embed the technology during the manufacturing process.

Protect M2M communications

Eliminate sensor or system impersonation used to steal critical information.

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Protect mission readiness

Prevent attacks on embedded systems and devices in ships, planes, weapons, and data centers on base from propagating and causing damage.

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Ensure reliability/availability

Shrink attack surfaces to minimize vulnerabilities with a high consequence of failure.

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Harden vehicle components

Reduce opportunities for attackers to inject malware on modules such as brake systems, ECUs, CAN bus, telematics, and infotainment.

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Read how we disrupt the traditional economics of cyberattacks and deny both routine and advanced techniques of attackers.