How and Why is RunSafe Working to Achieve Safety of Flight Certification for Its Memory Protection Tools

In this video, we discuss RunSafe’s efforts to achieve safety of flight certification with the support of AFuzion. We break down the two components of RunSafe Code: the ground component, which requires qualification under DO-330, and the in-flight component, which follows DO-178 certification guidelines. By meeting these stringent standards, RunSafe ensures that its Code is suitable for critical flight systems, providing the highest levels of safety and reliability.

RunSafe’s Path to Ensuring Flight Safety Certification

In today’s RunSafe Security Minute, we’re exploring how RunSafe is working to achieve safety of flight certification in aviation safety. With the expertise of AFuzion, a leader in avionics software development, we are making significant strides toward this goal.

RunSafe Code is divided into two main components, each serving a different purpose. The first component functions on the ground and requires qualification rather than certification. This process is guided by DO-330, which involves tool qualification essential for certifying airborne systems. We aim to achieve Tool Qualification Level 1, the highest level, allowing our Code to be used in the development of critical flight software.

The second component operates during flight and must adhere to the certification guidelines outlined in DO-178. As a module, RunSafe provides all necessary documentation for DO-178 certification at Design Assurance Level A (DAL A) to the airborne system’s owner. This ensures that RunSafe Code can be integrated into any system requiring a safety of flight, ensuring top-tier aviation safety.

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