The complexity and global nature of the supply chain is now widely regarded as the greatest emerging threat to industry. Every point in a supply chain presents a potential weakness for that product’s cybersecurity. And every person that comes in to contact with each piece of hardware or software is a potential threat.

56% all breached organizations cite supply chain vulnerabilities as the precursor to the exploits, malware and zero days executed to steal lucrative information, intellectual property, trade secrets and more.

These risks are unlikely to diminish anytime soon. Sophisticated attackers understand that globalization continues to expand opportunities for pragmatic supply chain partnerships. Concurrently, inefficient standards and regulations vary, or simply don’t exist, from industry to industry and country to country, leaving an unprecedented number of vulnerable third-parties to exploit.

RunSafe Security’s Alkemist empowers organizations to harden their systems and devices against both hardware and software supply chain vulnerabilities. In doing so, Alkemist can prevent a single attack from propagating across multiple systems, thereby shrinking attack surfaces, closing vulnerabilities, and minimizing the opportunity for physical damage and destruction that originate via the global supply chain.

Supply chain cyberattacks are surging. How can we prevent them?