Bad Actors Find A Way In

Millions are spent on cyber defenses but the economics still favor the attacker

Scanning tools miss 50% of existing vulnerabilities

So attackers can still compromise your systems

Vulnerabilities are inherited through the supply chain

3rd party and open source software exposes your enterprise

Key indicators of lurking threats go undetected

Runtime application monitoring technology can’t watch all the data without choking the system

Fundamentally Shift Hacker Economics in Your Favor

Prevent memory based attacks across all your software

Disrupt Attacker Economics

Dramatically reduce attack surface

Protect even against known and unknown vulnerabilities with RunSafe’s built-in security

Stop exploits from propagating

We make your software functionally identical but logically unique rendering exploits inert

Flag runtime risks immediately

Monitor the overall health of your systems at runtime looking for indicators of stability, reliability, and vulnerability

without affecting system performance or slowing down your developers

Keeping your developers focused on new features

Stay protected even when a patch or fix isn't available
Streamline your patching processes & software updates
Solve vulnerabilities faster
Tested with tens of thousands of open source packages
Validated across safety-critical systems
Approved by the U.S. Department of Defense

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How It Works

Skilled attackers continuously target software and firmware vulnerabilities to compromise enterprise applications, embedded systems, and devices.

RunSafe gives you the tools to defeat hackers using our patented cyberhardening technologies that make every binary logically unique while guaranteeing they stay functionally identical.


Critical Infrastructure

Prevent attacks, ensure reliability & availability, and minimize damage

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Reduce attack surfaces, minimize patching crises, and minimize the effort needed to manage open source software

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Protect systems in the field, new devices before they ship, and secure the supply chain

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Military Systems

Increase resilience to cyberattack and extend the life of weapons, sensors, ground stations, and data centers

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Software Companies

Immunize your products from memory vulnerabilities and reduce the cost of securing them

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