Zero Days Are Numbered

As a manufacturer or operator, you care about maintaining customer safety and loyalty, delivering reliable products and services, and protecting your business. As a supplier, you want to be a dependable link in the supply chain, providing reassurance to manufacturers who incorporate your material. At RunSafe Security, our objective is to enable our customers to maintain continuity of operations. We do that by using our patented cyberhardening process for embedded systems and devices.

Disrupt Attacker Economics

Preclude a single exploit from spreading across devices.

Reduce Vulnerabilities

Reduce zero-day threats via binary randomization.

Ensure Operational Continuity

Prevent threats from disrupting delivery of critical resources.

Protect Integrity of Communications

Minimize the risk of intercepted and compromised communications.

Protect Critical Infrastucture with Alkemist

Skilled cybercriminals use software vulnerabilities to compromise embedded systems and devices. RunSafe Security defeats hackers with our patented cyberhardening transformation process, Alkemist.

Read how we disrupt the traditional economics of cyberattacks and deny both routine and advanced techniques of attackers.

Critical Infrastructure Industries

Harden Vehicle Components

Automotive/Transportation Cybersecurity

Maintain integrity of fleet communications and harden vehicle components with no integration required.

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Ensure Reliability/Availability

Energy, Power & Water Protection

Prevent exploit replication, ensure reliability & availability and minimize physical risk.

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Protect M2M Communications

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Cybersecurity

Equip legacy systems in the field, embed technology during manufacturing and protect integrity of Machine-to-Machine communications.

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Protect Mission Readiness

Military Systems Security

Increase resilience to cyberattack across weapons, sensors, support systems, and data centers.

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Maintain Data Center Uptime

Data Center/Communications Protection

Meet uptime service level agreements and keep customers’ businesses operational.

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News and Notes

cyber-newtonian wormhole Blog

Chronicles of the Cyber-Newtonian Wormhole: A Cautionary Tale of an Exploited Vulnerability

Finding a vulnerability and then developing and launching an exploit is repeated many times every day. Companies must be aware of two perspectives: what a system is intended to do, and what a system can do.

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Emboldened Hackers & Vicious Malware: The Result of Our Failure to Learn From the Past

On an almost weekly basis, another organization or government agency owns up to having been “hacked” – admitting that its systems have been breached. For every company that discloses an issue, there are likely 20 – 30 more that keep it under wraps.

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CEO Insights: Why Cybersecurity is an enablement of IIoT

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Next Generation Cyber Defense: How RASP Technology Helps Automation Industries Combat Malware

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