Cyberharden vulnerable systems and devices to render threats inert.

Disrupt attacker tools & techniques: RunSafe Security’s team knows how attackers think about problems, how they weaponize attacks and how they choose targets. Their experience includes kicking down cyber doors for the U.S. government and accessing critical systems that no one else could.

RunSafe Security is a pioneer of unique cyberhardening technology that eliminates attack vectors, significantly reduces vulnerabilities and denies malware the uniformity required to propagate.

Disrupt Attacker Economics

Preclude a single exploit from spreading across devices.

Reduce Vulnerabilities

Reduce zero-day threats via binary randomization.

Ensure Operational Continuity

Prevent threats from disrupting delivery of critical resources.

Protect Integrity of Communications

Minimize the risk of intercepted and compromised communications.

Read how we disrupt the traditional economics of cyberattacks and deny both routine and advanced techniques of attackers.

Industry Solutions

Automotive/Vehicle Cybersecurity

Maintain integrity of fleet communications and harden vehicle components with no integration required.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Prevent exploit replication, ensure reliability & availability and minimize physical risk.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Cybersecurity

Equip legacy systems in the field, embed technology during manufacturing and protect integrity of Machine-to-Machine communications.

National Security

Ensure confidential communications, protect mission readiness and disrupt attacker timing.

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