Zero Days Are Numbered

As an essential stakeholder of critical information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), or Internet of Things (IoT) systems, you care about maintaining customer security and loyalty, delivering reliable products and services, and protecting data integrity and confidentiality. As an original equipment manufacturer or supplier, you want to be a dependable link in the supply chain, providing reassurance to partners that incorporate your materials. Even with firewalls, intrusion detection, encryption, and anti-virus solutions, cyberattacks readily occur. At RunSafe Security, we enable stakeholders, manufacturers and suppliers to increase resiliency with AlkemistTM, our patented cyberhardening process for embedded systems and devices that prevents rather than just detects cyberattacks.

Disrupt Attacker Economics

Preclude a single exploit from spreading across devices.

Reduce Vulnerabilities

Reduce zero-day threats via binary randomization.

Ensure Operational Continuity

Prevent threats from disrupting delivery of critical resources.

Protect Integrity of Communications

Minimize the risk of intercepted and compromised communications.

Protect Critical Infrastucture with Alkemist

Skilled cybercriminals use software vulnerabilities to compromise embedded systems and devices. RunSafe Security defeats hackers with our patented cyberhardening transformation process, Alkemist.

Read how we disrupt the traditional economics of cyberattacks and deny both routine and advanced techniques of attackers.

Critical Infrastructure Industries

Harden Vehicle Components

Automotive/Transportation Cybersecurity

Maintain integrity of fleet communications and harden vehicle components with no integration required.

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Ensure Reliability/Availability

Energy, Power & Water Protection

Prevent exploit replication, ensure reliability & availability and minimize physical risk.

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Protect M2M Communications

Manufacturing and Industrial IoT Cybersecurity

Equip legacy systems in the field, embed technology during manufacturing and protect integrity of Machine-to-Machine communications.

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Protect Mission Readiness

Military Systems Security

Increase resilience to cyberattack across weapons, sensors, support systems, and data centers.

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Maintain Data Center Uptime

Data Center/Communications Protection

Meet uptime service level agreements and keep customers’ businesses operational.

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Maintain Data Center Uptime

Healthcare Cybersecurity

Protect the privacy of patient records and the integrity of life-saving medical software and devices.

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News and Notes


Supply Chain Economics and Security

Let’s face it, supply chains are complex and distributed. Operations matter, and for some it is truly a miracle how many coordinated parts come together into a seamless operation.  In fact, some manufacturers have tens of thousands of suppliers, from raw materials to hardware to firmware to software and everything in between.  As companies continually…
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Cybersecurity Center Blog

VxWorks, DOD Weapons Systems and RunSafe

RunSafe Security’s Alkemist addresses the need for increased resilience, offering a proven solution for protecting software in aviation, weapons and support systems against memory corruption errors and buffer overflow exploits – the techniques attackers typically use to gain control of military systems.

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2020 Red Hot Cyber Company Awarded by DCA Live to RunSafe Security

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Natural gas ransomware attack offers critical lessons for electric utilities, analysts say

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What 13 RSA Conference attendees want to know

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