We live in a distributed and virtual software world where high-velocity code releases are commonplace and software vulnerabilities persist despite our best efforts.

What’s more, the software supply chain relies on open source software with a myriad of vulnerabilities that scanning tools don’t catch, while workloads in distributed deployment environments need runtime defenses that go beyond what cloud providers offer. These risks threaten the security, profitability, and viability of every industry.

The IT world needs a solution that immunizes software without developer friction and enables continuous delivery of runtime-protected code. RunSafe’s Alkemist is a cyber defense software product that protects your full range of in-house, open source, and third-party software and firmware.

Our patented software immunization technology, Alkemist, defeats memory-based exploits, the most lethal class of attacks, so you can reduce your attack surface to minimize your cyber risk.

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Disrupt Attacker Economics

Disrupt Attacker Economics

Remove the structure needed for reliable memory exploitation

Reduce Attack Surfaces

Neutralize Zero-Days with Moving Target Defense

Protect Key Applications

Proactive Code Level Security to maintain original functionality and mitigate the attack

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Skilled attackers continuously target software and firmware vulnerabilities to compromise enterprise applications, embedded systems, and devices.

RunSafe gives you the tools to defeat hackers using our patented cyberhardening technologies that make every binary logically unique while guaranteeing they stay functionally identical.

Read how Alkemist disrupts the traditional economics of cyberattacks and deny both routine and advanced attacker techniques.


Critical Infrastructure

Prevent attacks, ensure reliability & availability, and minimize damage

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Reduce attack surfaces, minimize patching crises, and minimize the effort needed to manage open source software

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Protect systems in the field, new devices before they ship, and secure the supply chain

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Military Systems

Increase resilience to cyberattack and extend the life of weapons, sensors, ground stations, and data centers

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Software Companies

Immunize your products from memory vulnerabilities and reduce the cost of securing them

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News and Notes

Systemic Software Risk in the Enterprise Supply Chain, Part 1

About this Series of Three Blog Posts In July 2020 the Atlantic Council, a highly-respected international affairs leadership institute based in Washington, DC, published a wide-ranging, evidence-based report titled “Breaking Trust: Shades of Crisis Across an Insecure Software Supply Chain” from its Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative. The report provides vital…

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Announcing New Podcast: “Lessons from the School of Cyber Hard Knocks”

This blog post introduces a new podcast series hosted by CEO Joe Saunders. Here is a message from him with the backstory. Backstory: The School of Hard Knocks When I was a freshman in college, I was shocked when I received a low mark on my very first midterm exam. Ok, embarrassed. I had always…

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RunSafe Security Named to DCA Live 2020 Red Hot Companies List

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TikTok May Be Banned in 45 Days. What Do You Do Now?

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Enel ransomware attack highlights the value of a top-down security culture

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October 19 - October 23

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November 16 - November 19

Given the ongoing developments and uncertainty with COVID-19, we have made the difficult but necessary decision to convert Alamo ACE 2020 to a virtual event while maintaining our original schedule, November 16-19, 2020. While this shift was made for the health and safety of our ACE community, we are committed to preserving and enhancing the…