Secure Connected Devices with Cyber Immunity

Billions of connected devices now make up the Internet of Things (IoT), creating the greatest attack surface expansion the world has yet seen. This has dramatically escalated DDoS, buffer-overflow, memory corruption, and zero-day attacks against critical industrial, commercial, medical, military, and consumer targets.

According to HP, 70% of the most commonly-used IoT devices contain vulnerabilities.

With so many endpoints to protect, organizations are forced to prioritize the timing of security updates to legacy systems and devices to meet customer demand and comply with government and industry standards and regulations. Many embedded infrastructure, IoT, and OT systems, however, are difficult to reach or patch in the field and have massive costs for unplanned downtime.

In the industrial supply chain, product managers continuously look for new ways to manufacture devices with security built-in, both for competitive advantage and to answer the growing security awareness and concerns of corporate stakeholders, suppliers, and prospective buyers.

RunSafe’s technology enables rapid security immunization upgrades in the field without having to touch source code. This immediately reduces the IoT attack surface without depending on patching timelines, saving time and money while maintaining the availability and uptime of mission-critical components. For new devices, RunSafe embeds its cyber immunization technology directly into the build process with native Yocto and RTOS implementations, reducing Zero Day vulnerabilities and protecting manufacturers from liability in the case of a successful attack.

The RunSafe Advantage

  • Immediately protect existing devices
  • Deploy remotely at scale
  • Native Yocto toolchain integration
  • Autonomous operation
  • Zero runtime penalty, minimal footprint

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