Protect Cloud Assets from Attacks or Downtime

Cloud computing is now a primary driver of the world’s digital economy. Governments, large corporations, and small businesses all rely on software-based infrastructures and solutions to store sensitive data and manage their operations.

An unintended consequence of this transformation is a rapidly expanding attack surface propagated by the software needed to virtualize machines.

Both hypervisor and virtual machine (VM) instances that provide the “plumbing” to a virtualized environment are beachheads for an adversary to move far and wide across an organization or even multiple organizations. VM escape exploits are increasingly significant risks given the widespread damage they inflict with the ever-increasing move to the cloud. Attackers continually refine their techniques to take advantage of the millions of identical binary templates for virtual environments (aka “golden images”) these systems require.

IT virtualization also introduces new vulnerabilities from globally sourced third-party hardware, software, and configurations that surround, penetrate, and bind the remote environment altogether.

RunSafe’s tools introduce simple, low-cost solutions to secure virtual and software infrastructure from memory-based attacks. By running every component and workload through either a source- or binary-based hardening process prior to deployment, organizations can guarantee that the “hidden” applications that make cloud computing possible won’t also be the entry point for devastating cyber attacks.

The RunSafe Advantage

  • Infrastructure Hardening
  • Image Diversity
  • Container Protection
  • Workload Immunization

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