Chris Blask: “SBOMs, Supply Chain, and Open Source Software, Oh My!”

Today's guest is Chris Blask, VP of Strategy at Cybeats.

In this episode, Chris discusses Cybeats and his role there, his work with SBOMs, why SBOMs are a corporate asset, the importance of understanding open source software, his work as the chair of ICS-ISAC, the greatest cybersecurity threats currently facing society and why we're not ready to face them, his thoughts on the current national cyber strategy, how he got his start in security, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Bryan Ware: “Cybersecurity is a Soccer Game, Not a Football Game”

Today's first return guest is Bryan Ware, CEO of LookingGlass Cyber.

Today we welcome back our first returning guest, Bryan Ware! In this episode, Bryan discusses his move to CEO of LookingGlass Cyber, founding Next5, competition with China, and then Joe and Bryan dive into some Next5 Matrix Monitor highlights including: the recent Chinese spy balloon, Huawei's patent strategy, his hopes for the next National Cyber Director and the Biden administration, and as always, an all-new toughest lesson learned!

Emily de La Bruyère: “Learn to Say No”

Today's guest is Emily de La Bruyère, co-founder of Horizon Advisory.

In this episode, Emily discusses Horizon Advisory, China's digital strategy, examples of China's influence on supply chain technology, new factors of production and who will benefit the most in this era of digital competition, what the US should do, the implications on China of President Biden's semiconductor ban, implications for Germany, and as always, her toughest lesson learned.

David Weston: “Builders and Breakers”

Today's guest is David Weston (aka "DWIZZLE"), Vice President of Enterprise and OS Security at Microsoft.

In this episode, David talks about his role at Microsoft, changes Microsoft has made over the past few years to protect software, their defense in depth outlook, how his earlier career impacts his current work, the greatest security threats facing enterprise customers, his work with TAC, how he got interested in the cyber world, the origins of his "Dwhizzle" name, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Richard Stiennon: “On Cyber Warfare”

Today's guest is Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest.

In a nod to Clausewitz and Gaddis, this episode is called On Cyber Warfare. In this episode, Richard discusses founding IT-Harvest and his current role there, the transition to data-driven research, the biggest industry shifts and trends, the threat and the current state of cyber warfare, his feelings towards cyber defense, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Dmitri Alperovitch: “Great Power Competition”

Today's guest is Dmitri Alperovitch, executive chairman at Silverado Policy Accelerator.

In this episode, Dmitri discusses the story behind co-founding CrowdStrike, how threat intelligence has advanced since its founding, his non-profit Silverado Policy Accelerator, the struggle for world order, what the United States can do to reduce the threat against Taiwan, the Biden administration's semi-conductors policy, the importance of chips, his predictions about the future of Russia and Ukraine, Silverado's ecological footprint, his optimism towards the future, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Dr. Laurie Williams: “Solving Real Problems”

Today's guest is Dr. Laurie Williams, Distinguished University Professor of Computer Science at North Carolina State University.

In this episode, Laurie discusses some of the programs she works in as a distinguished university professor in Computer Science at North Carolina State University, her current research projects, developers' role in fixing vulnerabilities, the future of DevOps, the efficacy of scanning tools for detecting vulnerabilities, supply chain issues, benefits of SBOM, today's biggest security threat, how her past experience informs her current work, and as always, her toughest lesson learned.

Thomas Pace: “Once You Commit”

Today's guest is Thomas Pace, founder/CEO of NetRise.

In this episode, Thomas discusses NetRise and his role as founder/CEO, how the approach to OT security has changed, their ideal customer profile, what surprises him about current trends, SBOM, managing software supply chain risk, how he entered the field, the trials of being a founder/CEO, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

José Costa: “From Security Auditor to Security Manager”

Today's guest is José Costa, CISO at Critical Software.

In this episode, José discusses Critical Software and his role as CISO, his key priorities in the development process, bridging the gap between functional safety and cybersecurity, the driving forces and security implications of the digital transformation, risks associated with APIs, software supply chain security, his optimism about the future, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Brad LaPorte: “Free to Choose, But Accept Consequences”

Today's guest is Brad LaPorte, Partner at High Tide Advisors.

In this episode, Brad discusses High Tide Advisors and his role there, hot trends in the cybersecurity world, his biggest takeaways from working at Gartner, his previous work and military experience, attack surface reduction, the war in Ukraine, his thoughts on the future of the industry, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

John Cusimano: “Knowing When to Let Go”

Today's guest is John Cusimano, Managing Director of Cyberstrategic Risk at Deloitte.

In this episode, John discusses Deloitte and his role there, the advantages of being part of a larger firm, the most common themes across industry and use cases, CyberPHA and how can organizations apply it, how he got his start in cybersecurity, his work as a Process Safety Product Manager at Siemens, the ISA/IEC 62443-3-2 standard, what security threats keep him up at night, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Bryson Bort: “Cyber is Sentient”

Today's guest is Bryson Bort, founder/CEO of Scythe.

In this episode, Bryson discusses founding Scythe, their product platform, why organizations should be as sentient as their attackers, vulnerability management, building the Scythe community, the drivers for malware, how the threat landscape has changed over the past two decades, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Antoinette King: “Record Scratch”

Today's guest is Antoinette King, founder of Credo Cyber Consulting.

In this episode, Antointte discusses founding Credo Cyber Consulting and her role there, the dangers of looking at cybersecurity as a "cost center", the connection between physical and cyber security, data privacy, her work in the Security Industry Association, her attitude towards biometrics and AI, RAD (robotics assisted devices) and their mission, the impact of technology on youth, what keeps her up at night, and as always, her toughest lesson learned.

John Shegerian: “Insecurity of Everything”

Today's guest is John Shegerian, co-founder/CEO of ERI.

In this episode, John discusses ERI and its founding as well as his role there, what drove him to write his book: "The Insecurity of Everything", prioritizing environmental or data protection, innovations pre and post COVID, "cross-contamination" of devices, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Min Kyriannis: “Ask Questions!”

Today's guest is Min Kyriannis, founder and CEO of Amyna Systems.

Does Min prefer silicone or carbon-based employees?! In this episode, Min discusses Amyna Systems and her role there, some of the challenges facing critical infrastructure, the importance of creating new cybersecurity standards and workflows, her work with Women In International Security (WIIS) and Curious Minds Foundation, founding the GlobalCyberConsortium, her biggest industry concerns, and as always, her toughest lesson learned.

Joe Saunders: “The Tables Turn”

Have you ever wondered: "Where did Joe come up with the idea for this podcast?" or "Does the man who asks everyone for their toughest lesson have one himself?" How about: "Who is Alex O'Shea and what is she doing asking the questions this week?!" Listen to find out the answer to these questions and many more on this week's SPECIAL EDITION episode, where the tables have turned and we hear from Joe Saunders, the founder/CEO of RunSafe Security and the host of this podcast!

JB Benjamin: “Innovating the Space”

Today's guest is JB Benjamin, founder/CEO of Kryotech.

In this episode, JB discusses Kryotech and his role there, Vox Messenger, the future of cryptocurrency, his thoughts on the metaverse, his biggest concerns about cybersecurity, the government's role and responsibility in regards to cybersecurity, quantum computing, how he got his start, what keeps him up at night, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Nico Bartolomeo: “Discipline is Difficult”

Today's guest is Nico Bartolomeo, Senior Consultant of Cloud Security at Rockwell Automation.

In this episode, Nico discusses Rockwell Automation as well as his role there, his aversion to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality, the role economics plays in cybersecurity, the biggest threats facing cloud security right now, shared security models, his background in insider threat, what security concerns keep him up at night, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Mubarik Mustafa: “Fall and Get Back Up”

Today's guest is Mubarik Mustafa, OT/ICS Cybersecurity Consultant at ACET Solutions.

In this episode, Mubarik discusses ACET Solutions and his role there, the current state of OT/ICS security, the major threats, the challenges of OT security over IT security, his background as a Process Automation Network engineer, what keeps him up at night, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Matt Harless: “Continue After the Boom”

Today's guest is Matt Harless, Director of the Cyber Fusion Center at Carrier.

In this episode, Matt discusses Carrier and his role there, what a day in the life is like, TMR (Tactical Mitigation Response), the importance of continuous improvement, the Veterans cohort program he is starting with SANS, the similarities and differences between working at a financial company versus an industrial OT product provider, how his role has changed from working in cyber threat intelligence to becoming director of the Cyber Fusion Center, what threats keep him up at night, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

John Krzeszewski: “Healthy Paranoia”

Today's guest is John Krzeszewski, Engineering Manager of Cybersecurity at Eaton.

In this episode, John discusses Eaton and his role there, his role as chair of the SAE Vehicle Cybersecurity Systems Engineering Committee and co-convener with ISO on post ISO/SAE 21434, what security concerns keep him up at night, zero-day attacks, what core issues they are working to solve, Eaton's commitment to sustainability, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

David Scott: “People Are Our Most Valuable Tool”

Today's guest is David Scott, Cyber Division Deputy Assistant Director at the FBI.

In this episode, David discusses his time in the military to his past roles and now current role in the Cyber Division at the FBI, his current main priorities, who the FBI coordinates with to prevent cyber attacks, who the bad actors are, how he got his start in cyber, new tools and technologies in development, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

John Deskurakis: “Consider the Context”

Today's guest is John Deskurakis, Chief Product Security Officer at Carrier.

In this episode, John discusses Carrier and his role there, how Carrier is making the world a safer place, what its buyer and customers expect from them, managing software supply chain risk, the risks and benefits associated with open source software, his work with Security Industry Association and ISAGCA, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Matthew Bohne: “Cybersecurity Has a Shelf Life”

In this episode, Matthew discusses Honeywell and his role there, what "secure by design" means to him, the importance of ISA/IEC 62443, how he builds the best environment/culture possible, how product security differs amongst organizations and customers, his advice for young professionals, how he got his start, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Jake Norwood: “Reducing the Complexity”

Today's guest is Jake Norwood, Cyber Security Delivery Executive at Booz Allen Hamilton.

In this episode, Jake discusses Booz Allen and his role there, the top security concerns clients face, the differences between cybersecurity in the US versus the EU/UK, what surprised him the within the field, what advances in threat intelligence are needed, how his volunteer work in Poland impacted his career, what security issues keep him up at night, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Andrew Kling: “Upstream & Downstream Views of Cybersecurity”

Today's guest is Andrew Kling, Industry Automation VP Cybersecurity & Product Security Officer at Schneider Electric.

In this episode, Andrew discusses Schneider Electric and his role as Industry Automation VP Cybersecurity & Product Security Officer, the key to managing a large cybersecurity portfolio, the necessity of security, elevated risk, addressing software supply chain risk at Schneider Electric, the Executive Order and SBOM, the adoption and integration of open source, his major security concerns, what keeps him up at night, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Rick Tiene: “Solutions Designed to Last”

Today's guest is Rick Tiene, VP of Government and Critical Infrastructure at Mission Secure.

Need a crash course in the importance of OT? Today's your lucky day! In this episode, Rick discusses Mission Secure and his role as VP, OT cyber vulnerabilities, how protecting IT differs from protecting OT, software security supply chain from an OT perspective, how homeland security challenges have changed since 9/11, some high-risk examples of OT cybersecurity breaches, what security problems keep him up at night, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Lee Kappon: “Failure is Not an Option”

Today's guest is Lee Kappon, co-founder and CEO of Suridata.

Want to hear from a Forbes' "30 Under 30"?! In this episode, Lee discusses Suridata and her role as CEO, the founding story, why SaaS data is so valuable, being named one of Forbes' "30 Under 30", the root of cybersecurity's success in Israel, the leaders she admires most, her biggest professional fears, and as always, her toughest lesson learned.

Kristi Rogers: “Get Up and Move Forward”

Today's guest is Kristi Rogers, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Principal to Principal.

Go Green or Go Blue?! In this episode, Kristi discusses her roles on the board of Qualys and NowSecure as well as her involvement in the Women's Foreign Policy Group. She shares about NowSecure's work with Peloton and how ubiquitous player Qualys is evolving, mobile application security, mobile application security, the complexity of software supply chain security, what the government can do to promote our security posture, what keeps her up at night, and as always, her toughest lesson learned.

Philippe Humeau: “Turn the Energy Around”

Today's guest is Philippe Humeau, CEO of CrowdSec.

In this episode, Philippe discusses CrowdSec and his role there, the advantages of open source, how they make their business model work, how pentesting and the security landscape have changed over the past few decades, how the open source movement is affecting society at large, the implications of gray zone war, how traditional powers should respond to cyber attacks, how he got his start in security, what keeps him up at night, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

James Johnson: “Leap Ahead”

Today's guest is James Johnson, CISO of John Deere.

"We're fighting a cyber battle." In this episode, James discusses John Deere and his role as CISO, developing his leadership, current innovation at John Deere, what the customers are asking for, the key in developing security professionals, how security is an enabler for business, managing supply chain security, what keeps him up at night, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Megan Samford: “Trees, Chainsaws, and Cyber”

Today's guest is Megan Samford, VP, Chief Product Security Officer - Energy Management at Schneider Electric. Before Megan worked in cyber, she was an emergency manager. Learn how that has impacted her career and so much more!

In his episode, Megan discusses Schneider Electric and her role there, top security concerns in energy management, how to best manage product security at different companies, how to best communicate across departments, some of her industry initiatives, applying incident command system to cybersecurity, the overwhelming threat to critical infrastructure, what she would do if she were director of CISA, her thoughts on the Executive Order, what keeps her up at night, and as always, her toughest lesson learned.

Brad Hawkins: “Watch for Change”

Today's guest is Brad Hawkins, CEO of SaferNet.

In this episode, Brad discusses the mission and founding of SaferNet, the dangers of work-from-home, how he got his start in the security industry, the similarities and differences between running an investment company and a cybersecurity organization, what keeps him up at night, his view on society's biggest security risk, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Phil Odence: “Hang In There”

Today's guest is Phil Odence, General Manager of Black Duck Audit Business at Synopsys.

In this episode, Phil discusses his responsibilities and Black Duck's role at Synopsys, open source software, the increased risk of visibility, his impression of the Executive Order and the emphasis on SBOMs, his opinion on standards arounds SBOMs, the impact of the pandemic on business, what keeps him up at night, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Avi Rubin: “Squeaky Clean”

Today's guest is Avi Rubin, computer science professor at Johns Hopkins University.

Poker champion, boating captain, and computer science professor?! In this episode, Avi discusses what he's teaching and researching right now, Harvard Labs, what buffer overflow is, consumer IoT and medical devices, surprises within the last few elections, his testimony before Congress, the dangers of cryptocurrency, U of Michigan football predictions, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Jeff Williams: “Security in Sunshine”

Today's guest is Jeff Williams, Co-Founder and CTO of Contrast Security.

Would you rather be right or compelling? In this episode, Jeff discusses Contrast Security, how the application security space has evolved, what their "inside out" approach is, the impact and need of the Executive Order, how he got his start in cybersecurity, the relevance of his law degree, what keeps him up at night, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Mike Vesey: “Pink Locker Rooms”

Today's guest is Mike Vesey, President of IdRamp.

Passwords and zero-trust and pink locker rooms, oh my! In this episode, Mike discusses IdRamp, what self-sovereign identity is, why we still have passwords today, zero-trust, what the near future holds, pink locker rooms!, his path to IdRamp, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Roland Cloutier: “How Do You Know”

Today's guest is Roland Cloutier, CISO at TikTok.

Patience is key. This is just one of the many lessons to be learned from this week’s episode. Roland discusses his current role and responsibilities as TikTok CISO, how he has advanced the security capabilities within TikTok, his message when recruiting new security practitioners, the differences between working as a CISO in a premier payroll processing organization versus a major social media company, what a “strategic converged security program is”, how he got his start in security (hint: it wasn’t in cyber!), what keeps him up at night, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Suzanne Kelly: “The Other Side of Fear”

Today's guest is Suzanne Kelly, CEO/Producer of The Cipher Brief.

"If we are afraid of failure, we will never succeed." In this episode, Suzanne discusses the vision and creation behind the Cipher Brief, the top national security issues we are currently facing, the threat that China poses, her book: "Master of War: Blackwater USA’s Erik Prince and the Business of War", if cyber offensive work should be outsourced, the Cyber Initiatives Group, ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure, what keeps her up at night, and as always, her toughest lesson learned.

#nationalsecurity #cybersecurity #ransomware

Bryan Ware: “The People and the Problem”

Today's Guest is Bryan Ware, founder and CEO of Next5.

"The best defense is a good offense." In this episode, Bryan discusses his current role at Next5, the history behind co-founding Digital Sandbox, how to approach low probability events with high consequences, his work at CISA, the past, present, and future of cybersecurity, election systems' security, AI, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

#softwaresupplychainsecurity #ransomware #protectingcriticalinfrastructuresecurity #electionsystemssecurity #nationalsecurity

Vijaya Kaza: “Security is a Business Enabler”

Today's Guest is Vijaya Kaza, Chief Security Officer, Head of Engineering & Data Science for Trust & Safety at Airbnb.

In this episode, Vijaya discusses her current role and duties at airbnb and as a board member at Knock, the importance of automation and AI, relevant use cases, best practices, and where improvements are needed within these fields, how gender impacts working in the technology field, the importance of who you know, what keeps her up at night, and as always, her toughest lesson learned.

Duncan Woodbury: “No Checkbox Security, Please”

Today's Guest is Duncan Woodbury, Founder and CEO of Dream Team.

One part entrepreneur, one part security researcher. In this episode, Duncan discusses what he's doing today, some of the major cybersecurity threats to critical infrastructure, the dangers of recovery time from an attack, the difference between protecting OT vs. IT, why red teaming and pen-testing are so important, what keeps him up at night, how he got into the field, the cyberBoat Challenge, and of course, his toughest lesson learned.

#supplychainsecurity #exploits #criticalinfrastructure

Dr. Rebecca Wynn: “Pay It Forward”

Today's Guest is Dr. Rebecca Wynn, Global Cybersecurity & Strategy Consulting at Click Solutions Group.

"How can we be a part of the fabric without disturbing the fabric?" In this episode, Rebecca discusses how she defines the role of a CISO, how she believes we should "push the envelope of cybersecurity", working with companies that have experienced data breaches, what it takes to build a good security team, how to best interact with board members, future trends in technology, and of course, her toughest lesson learned.

Harold Smith: “Do Right By Your Customer”

Today's Guest is Harold Smith, CEO of Monkton, Inc.

"Too focused on the WHAT IF and not focused on WHAT WE CAN DO." In this episode, Harold discusses how Monkton brings mobility to the military and DoD, some use case examples, the certification process, his background and current work in mobile applications, how enterprise mobile security has changed over the years, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Michael Shinn: “Check the Spark Plugs”

Today's Guest is Michael Shinn, CEO of Atomicorp.

"Being compliant is not the same thing as being secure." In this episode Michael discusses the background of his company, the daily challenges they take on, his knowledge around federal regulations, his previous work in the White House, his first computer, what keeps him up at night, and of course, his toughest lesson learned.

Tina Williams-Koroma: “Crap Turns Into Fertilizer”

Today's Guest is Tina Williams-Koroma, Owner/President of TCecure, LLC.

"I see challenges as opportunities." What does a life-long entrepreneur look like? Look no further! In this episode, Tina discusses how to deal with breaks, Governor Hogan's Cybersecurity Summit, patterns to better address critical infrastructure, how all of her degrees aid her current role, her book: "Our Father's Business: Pick Up the Mission, Then Drop the Mic", what keeps her up at night, and as always, her toughest lesson learned.

Jim Routh: “Downstream Consequences”

Today's Guest is Jim Routh, Advisor & Investor at SYN Ventures.

While stepping away from full-time CISO duties, Jim Routh hasn't slowed down. In this episode, Jim tells us what he's been doing since leaving Mass Mutual, what he looks for when engaging with new companies, why he began working with startups. He also discusses the differences between serving as the CISO of larger versus a smaller organizations, his unique hiring strategy, the greatest needs from the private sector, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Lucian Niemeyer: “Building Cyber Security”

Today's Guest is Lucian Niemeyer, CEO of Building Cyber Security.

Cyber risks, ransomware, and attackers! Oh my! In this episode, Lucian discusses his organization, the blending of IT and OT, the gravity of our current cybersecurity situation, the morals around ransome, how to reduce ransomware attacks, what keeps him up at night, and you guessed it, his toughest lesson learned.

Heather Dahl: “Keep Flying the Plane”

Today's Guest is Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio.tech.

Broadcast journalist turned tech CEO? What could be cooler? This week's episode features Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio.tech. In this episode we learn about the founding of Endicio, decentralized identity, where regulators are doing well and where they need improvement, how Heather's early career as a broadcast journalist led to her current role, and as always, her toughest lesson learned.

Dan Doney: “Digital Currency, Blockchain, and Distributed Ledgers”

Today's Guest is Dan Doney, CEO of Securrency.

Want to better understand the connection between blockchain and cryptocurrency? Craving a wealth of information? In this episode, Dan discusses how he founded his company, Securrency, what they do, his foundations in security, what markets are right for cryptocurrency, the most important facts to know about blockchain, the geopolitical implications of cryptocurrency, the future of blockchain, what keeps him up at night, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Scott King: “Don’t Rush to Judgment”

Today's Guest is Scott King, VP & CISO at Encore Capital.

Are you thinking about entering the cybersecurity field? Then this is the episode for you! Scott discusses his background and transition to his new role as CISO, the biggest trends in the industry right now (HINT: ransomware attacks!), the best procedures for vulnerability and crisis management, the importance of ISACs, the appeal of working in this industry, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Nick Andersen: “Everyone is a Target”

Today's Guest is Nick Andersen, CISO at Lumen Technologies.

Want to hear from someone who has managed security risk from all angles? Look no further than Nick Andersen. In this episode, Nick discusses Lumen Technologies and his role there, operating under the assumption of an inevitable attack, his work with CESER within the DOE, the recent ransomware attacks, the recent Executive Order, our nation's top cybersecurity priorities, how he got his start, and of course, his toughest lesson learned.

Mark Ruchie: “Cyber’s Pirates of the Caribbean”

Today's Guest is Mark Ruchie, CISO at Entrust.

Do you want to be more up-to-date on all things cybersecurity? This is the episode for you! Mark discusses Entrust and his role there, how security solutions have evolved over the last few decades, which changes excite him, how he got his start, his time in the Air Force, his thoughts on the recent Executive Order, the ever-changing profile of the attacker, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Sam Crowther: “Trust Your Gut”

Today's Guest is Sam Crowther, Founder of Kasada.

Have you ever noticed a missing link within an industry and wanted to create a company to fill that gap? Meet Sam Crowther. In this episode, Sam discusses Kasada's founding and mission of "restoring trust in the internet", bot mitigation, how he got his start, the importance of confidence and exposure to problems, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Mark Loepker: “Dialogue is Everything”

Today's Guest is Mark Loepker, Education Director at the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation.

Have you ever wanted to explore a career in national security or cybersecurity? This is the episode for you! Mark discusses his rich history working within the security arena, from his early days protecting the “Star Wars” program to his experience leading international working groups to driving the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation's mission. Learn why Mark says designing for dis-functionality is important, and more!

Bob Carver: “One Person Can’t Do It All”

Today's Guest is Bob Carver, Principal Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence and Analytics at Verizon.

How did Bob Carver become the first security employee at Verizon Wireless? Hint: he credits Paris Hilton! In this episode, Bob discusses his current responsibilities at Verizon, maintaining a relationship between hunt teams and threat intelligence, how botnets have evolved over the years, the evolution of supply chain security and machine learning, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Gerald Beuchelt: “A Broader Aperture”

Today's Guest is Gerald Beuchelt, CISO at Sprinklr.

"Security, security, security." Though his roles may have changed he maintains the fundamentals of security remain the same even when the environment has evolved. In this episode, Gerald discusses his new role at Sprinklr and what he hopes to accomplish while there, how his past experiences and educational background inform his new role, open source vulnerabilities, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Janine Darling: “Talk to Your Customers”

Today's Guest is Janine Darling, founder and CEO of STASH Global Inc.

ALERT: Red hot data! Why should you protect your data? In this episode, Janine discusses her journey to establishing her organization, compliance programs, GDR, and much more!

Mikko Karikytö: “Security is a Communications Business”

Today's Guest is Mikko Karikytö, Chief Product Security Officer at Ericsson.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be the Chief Product Security Officer at Ericsson? Today's your lucky day. Meet Mikko Karikytö. He has risen through the ranks and leads team through PSIRT, 5g, and zero trust security initiatives. In this episode, learn how security has changed over the course of his career, what keeps him up at night, his fresh take on security being a communications business, and of course, his toughest lesson learned.

Paul Rosenzweig: “There is No Perfect Gas”

Today's Guest is Paul Rosenzweig, Senior Fellow at the R Street Institute.

In this episode, Paul discusses what he is currently working on, his work with National Resiliency through the Aspen Institute, what metrics he believes should be used, his theories of trust around hardware and software systems, his thoughts on zero-trust and 5G, his recommendations for our current administration, the potential consequences associated with inaction, and his toughest lesson learned.

Larry Maccherone: “Too Far Left, Too Fast”

Today's Guest is Larry Maccherone, Distinguished Engineer of DevSecOps Transformation at Comcast.

In this episode, Larry discusses what he is currently working on at Comcast, the importance of adding security into the DevOps process, how to motivate developers to adopt security, how he measures programs going forward, what are the greatest security challenges that we are facing, what inspired his young entrepreneurship, and his toughest lesson learned.

Tanner Johnson: “Make a Decision”

Today's Guest is Tanner Johnson, Principal Analyst of Data Security at Omdia.

In this episode, Tanner discusses his current research agenda, recent trends in IoT security, the risks/trends/threats associated with data security, how COVID will affect us moving forward, what keeps him up at night, and his toughest lesson learned.

Greg Rattray: “Be Ready to Get Back Up”

Today's Guest is Greg Rattray, co-founder and partner at NextPeak.

In this episode, Greg discusses what he is currently working on at NextPeak, his connection to the Aspen Cybersecurity Group, how his educational background supported his future career, how cybersecurity has changed over the years, what the new administration should focus on, and his toughest lesson learned.

Neil Daswani: “Big Breaches & Relationships”

Today's Guest is Neil Daswani, Co-Director at the Stanford Advanced Security Program.

In this episode, Neil discusses his work at the Stanford Advanced Security Program, some of the most important duties of a CISO, the importance of being able to "talk tech", what inspired his most recent book, ways to improve the industry, how he got his start in cybersecurity, the biggest challenges facing our society, and his toughest lesson learned.

Sam Visner: “Bigger Than Yourself”

Today's Guest is Sam Visner, Tech Fellow at MITRE.

In this episode, Sam discusses what his current role entails, the issues he sees surrounding our transition to 5G, lessons he learned to help him work through the bigger questions, our current government policy and national strategy, how he views cybersecurity from a corporate goverance perspective, his work with the Space ISAC, and his toughest lesson learned.

Ian Anderson: “You Won’t Know All the Answers”

Today's Guest is Ian Anderson, DevSecOps Engineer at Naval Surface Warfare Center.

In this episode, Ian discusses what he is currently working on, the challenges associated with changing to DevSecOps, how he defines the "Sec" in DevSecOps, Navy's BlackPearl Initiative, what key metrics you should use to judge DevSecOps success, the impact that his education had on his career, what he considers our biggest security risk, and his toughest lesson learned.

Raj Samani: “Sharing to Enable Action”

Today's Guest is Raj Samani, Fellow and Chief Scientist at McAfee.

In this episode, Raj discusses his work at McAfee, the importance of finding like-minded people, his background in helping defend against cyber crime, APT, his book, the SolarWinds attack, the power of social media, and his toughest lessons learned throughout his career.

Antero Päivänsalo: “Pick Yourself Up”

Today's Guest is Antero Päivänsalo, CISO and Head of Information Security at Nokia.

In this episode, Antero discusses his role as CISO at Nokia, his considerations around customer and supply chain risk, how 5G plays a role in security risk, his previous roles at Nokia, the Nokia Security Hackathon, what keeps him up at night, and his toughest lessons learned.

Lessons from the Lessons: “It’s a Meta World”

For our 25th episode, our host and CEO, Joe Saunders, reflects on his lessons learned over the past 24 episodes.

He focuses on 6 specific episodes: John Graham-Cumming, Greg Touhill, Tony Sager, Gary McGraw, Rick Howard, and Ron Ross. He shares his insight on how these episodes touch on three different kinds of lessons: personal development & leadership, business, and technical.

Kurt John: “Collaborate”

Today's Guest is Kurt John, Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Siemens USA.

In this episode, Kurt John discusses his role and the history of Siemens USA, "Cyber Norms", protecting the manufacturing process, how his previous roles prepared him for his current one, his work with the The Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority, what keeps him up at night, and more.

Seth Carmody: “Let Curiosity Be Your Guide”

Today's Guest is Seth Carmody, VP of Regulatory Strategy at MedCrypt.

In this episode, Seth discusses his role at MedCrypt and their mission to make security easier for medical device manufacturers, medical-related security issues, his career journey and work at the FDA, what product manufacturers need to consider, and his toughest lessons learned. Additionally, Joe and Seth engage in a great discussion around what policy can do versus what industry ought to do.

John Graham-Cumming: “Just Keep Going”

Today's Guest is John Graham-Cumming, CTO at CloudFlare.

In this episode, John Graham-Cumming discusses his early background, his role at CloudFlare, how internet infrastructure differs in China, his book "The Geek Atlas", code breaking, email filtering, movie code, what keeps him up at night, 5G, and more.

Gloria D’Anna: “How to Go from A to E”

Today's Guest: Gloria D'Anna, author of "SAE CyberSecurity for Commercial Vehicles” and a Rf Systems and Antenna Applications Engineer at the Ford Motor Company.

In this episode, Gloria discusses her background, what keeps her up at night, her book, cybersecurity standards in the automotive industry, SAE G-32, Cyber-Physical Systems, and her toughest lessons learned in the cybersecurity field.

Michael Fraser: “Courage to Stick It Out”

Today's Guest: Michael Fraser, Co-Founder and CEO of Refactr.

In this episode, Michael discusses his company Refactr, the trials and triumphs of a start up, getting his start in the Air Force, his time in retail, the open source movement, and more.

Marc Crudgington: “Collaboration is King”

Today's Guest: Marc Crudgington, the CISO and SVP of Information Security at Woodforest National Bank.

In this episode, we learn ways to shorten the time to mitigate a breach, what it takes to become a Chief Information Security Officer, and what you, executives, and the board should know about the coming Cyber War.

Dr. Gary McGraw: “Process Does Matter”

Today's Guest: Dr. Gary McGraw, Co-Founder of the Berryville Institute of Machine Learning.

In this episode, Dr. Gary McGraw discusses co-founding the Berryville Institute of Machine Learning, the risk factors associated with machine learning, his background and early career work, the difficulties surrounding software security, and a fun story here and there.

Dr. McGraw is an advisor to RunSafe Security.

General Greg Touhill: “Ask for Help”

Today's Guest: General Greg Touhill, the first Federal CISO.

In this episode General Touhill discusses his service in the military, his work at DHS, our new administration's top priorities, and embracing zero trust as a business imperative. General Touhill highlights the importance of adopting a framework, communication, and follow through.

John Felker: “Trust but Verify”

Today's guest is John Felker, Senior Fellow at the McCrary Institute for Cyber and Critical Infrastructure Security.

In this episode, we learn about leadership, listening, and building organizations to align with the mission. But we also learn why it is important to both trust and verify.

Tommy Gardner: “You’ll Never Stop Learning”

Today's guest is Tommy Gardner, Chief Technology Officer at HP Federal.

In this episode, Tommy discusses his role at HP Federal, his company's background and green initiative, the role of research in cybersecurity, designing with cybersecurity in mind, and some of the most formidable lessons he's learned along the way.

Dr. Edward Amoroso: “How Angels View Cloud Computing”

Today's guest is Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber LLC.

In this episode, we explore the different profiles of CISOs and the balance between simplicity and complexity.

Michelle Valdez: “Putting Your Boss to the Test”

Today's guest is Michelle Valdez, Chief Information Security Officer at OneMain Financial.

In this episode, we learn how to bring context and relevance to deep technical issues to help build resilient organiztions and systems.

Rick Howard: “The Atomic Question”

Today's guest is Rick Howard, Chief Security Officer at Palo Alto Networks.

In this episode we learn how great leaders embrace teammates who make mistakes and help learn their lessons.

Robert Knake: “Cybersecurity in State of Transition”

Today's guest is Rob Knake, Senior Fellow for Cyber Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations.

In this episode, Rob discusses the cybersecurity risk associated with a transition to the new administration, disinformation on social media as a threat to cybersecurity, the United States' decision on 5G, the DoD, the importance of critical infrastructure security, and his recent book: "The Fifth Domain: Defending Our Country, Our Companies, and Ourselves in the Age of Cyber Threats".

Sanjay Bavisi: “Certified Ethical Hackers Are Not Only Pen Testers”

Today's guest is Sanjay Bavisi, President of EC-Council.

In this episode, we explore how an attorney who was a technologist at heart has followed his passion to make a global impact on security.

Bill Crowell: “Push for Progress”

Today's guest is Bill Crowell, partner at Alsop Louie Partners.

Bill shares some of the expertise he's gained as Deputy Director of the NSA, CEO of a publicly traded company, and now as Venture Capitalist. In this episode, we discuss election interference, attacks in critical infrastructure, 5G, the "zero trust" principle, open source software, and his overall industry takeaways.

Ron Ross: “Elevating Security Posture at Scale”

Today's guest is Ron Ross, Fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

In this episode, we explore the profound positive impact standards have on our security posture and how software development life cycle will contribute significantly towards this end.

Ron Gula: “Closing the Gap to Defend the Country”

Today's Guest: Ron Gula, Co-Founder & President of Gula Tech Adventures

In this episode, we explore the increasing impact individuals, companies, and non-profits can have in securing the country and the importance of educating ourselves on the risks digital services have in our lives.

Tia Hopkins: “Competence Has No Competition”

Today's Guest: Tia Hopkins, VP of Global Solutions Engineering at eSentire

In this episode, we explore how to challenge perceived authority and expertise without making people defensive.

Ayan Islam: “A Bridge from Hackers to Policymakers”

Today's Guest: Ayan Islam, Cybersecurity Strategist at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency at DHS

In this episode, Ayan Islam shares joining a delegation of Congress members and policy makers to Black Hat conference.

Atlantic Council Cyber Statecraft Initiative: “The Nexus of Technology and Geopolitics”

Today's Guests: Atlantic Council's Trey Herr, William Loomis, Safa Shahwan Edwards, and Simon Handler, leaders of the Cyber Statecraft Initiative.

The Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative in the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security explore the four pillars of The Cyber Statecraft Initiative.

Tony Sager: “Economics Always Wins”

Today's Guest: Tony Sager, Chief Evangelist at The Center for Internet Security and 35-year veteran of the National Security Agency.

Tony shares how economics factors into security and how you should think about software if you care about security.

John Stewart: “Be Committed, Passionate, and Patient”

Today's Guest: John Stewart, Founder of Talons Ventures and former CSO of Cisco Systems.

John shares what it means to give it your all and how to make an impact in startups, mature organizations, and across your ecosystem.

Nicolas Chaillan: “Invest in Continuous Learning”

Today's Guest: Nicolas Chaillan, Chief Software Officer, US Air Force.

Nicolas offers advice on ensuring alignment with stakeholders otherwise you may find yourself in a precarious situation.