The RunSafe Security Story

RunSafe Security was founded by Joe Saunders and Doug Britton on a simple premise: let’s disrupt hacker economics. For far too long, we have poured money into network defenses, built insider threat programs, and monitored suppliers. Yet attackers still breach networks, insiders still gain access, and criminals still compromise software and manufacturing supply chains.
So we set our sights on changing the economics. Let’s assume these bad actors are going to find a way to breakthrough. How can we disrupt the economics of their attack and prevent the attack, even once it’s started? Let’s make it so even if the bad guys invest all the time and effort to gain entry, their exploit can’t work on the code they are targeting. Force them back to the drawing board. Render their attacks inert.

We also wanted to do this in a way that did not require a PhD to implement. Based on early projects with customers across embedded systems, enterprise IT, and DevSecOps use cases, we wanted to make it easy to build security into code and protect systems at runtime.

Together, Joe and Doug have assembled a team of top cyber and software technologists to tackle some of the most intricate and complex challenges in software protection.

What we came up with was a way to shift the economics back to the defender, by immunizing software from memory vulnerabilities, without developer friction, while enabling continuous delivery of code. In short, building intrinsic security into the code itself, making it self-protecting, dramatically reducing exploitable vulnerabilities, and maintaining high-velocity code release schedules.

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