Guard Your Software Supply Chain – With or Without Source Code

The complex global supply chain presents numerous points where attackers can infiltrate a finished product.

In many cases, a software bill of materials (BOM) includes packaged and open source code from suppliers all over the world, which is often packed with hidden vulnerabilities. Organizations and vendors now control only a fraction of their source code, and all suppliers may not have the same level of cybersecurity hygiene required by the final producer. Enterprises now routinely manage hundreds to thousands of vendors, exponentially increasing the attack surface.

Supply chain risk is now widely regarded as the greatest emerging threat to industry.

Every point in a supply chain presents a potential weakness for a product’s cybersecurity, and every person who comes in contact with each piece of hardware or software is a potential threat. 56% of all breached organizations cite supply chain vulnerabilities as the precursor to the exploits, malware, and zero days executed to steal lucrative information, intellectual property, trade secrets, and more.

RunSafe Security empowers organizations to inoculate their systems and devices against both hardware and software supply chain vulnerabilities, even when they don’t have source code. RunSafe’s technology prevents a single attack from succeeding or propagating across multiple systems, thereby shrinking attack surfaces, closing vulnerabilities, minimizing opportunities for physical damage and destruction, and preventing the interruption of global supply chain operations.

The RunSafe Advantage

  • Universal solution for Software Supply Chain
  • Eliminate security dependence on suppliers
  • Verify supply chain protection with evidence
  • Eliminate exposure to open source vulnerabilities
  • Eliminate costs of duplicative testing, verification, and supplier assessments

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