Press Releases

Atomicorp & EstateSpace Join Forces with RunSafe Security to Supercharge Cyber Defenses

RunSafe Security, the pioneer of a patented process to immunize software from cyber attacks without developer friction, today announced EstateSpace, a financial technology market innovator, as a new customer and a partnership with Atomicorp, a leading open source cloud protection platform. In both cases, RunSafe will help to reduce runtime vulnerabilities and improve protections of open source software and cloud workloads from cyber attacks.

“The RunSafe team is extremely proud to have EstateSpace as a customer and to partner with Atomicorp to immunize IT infrastructure, supercharge workload protections, and reduce open source vulnerabilities,” said Joe Saunders, founder and CEO of RunSafe Security. “According to Gartner, memory protections of workloads is a core strategy, and we’re able to automatically identify open source software needing mitigation and immediately deploy hardened versions to dramatically reduce runtime vulnerabilities that can lead to damaging cyber attacks.”

RunSafe Security Announces Full Slate of Activities at CyberWeek 2020

RunSafe Security, a pioneer of the patented process to immunize software from cyber-attacks and disrupt hacker economics without developer friction, today announced a full lineup of events for CyberWeek 2020, held virtually October 19-23, 2020. CyberWeek is a digital experience featuring hundreds of national community events to exchange information, share best practices and discuss the many ways we can revolutionize the way we protect against and overcome cyberthreats facing our nation. Throughout the week, RunSafe will bring together the best minds in security to tackle the toughest issues head on in a series of expert panels touching on hot button topics and issues including 5G, cloud workloads, DevSecOps in both the federal and commercial markets, open source security and more.

In addition to virtual hand to hand combat with cybersecurity thought leaders, RunSafe will host and feature speed chess matches each day where Founder & CEO Joe Saunders will face off against U.S. Air Force Chief Software Officer, Nicolas Chaillan.