Developing your own code? Want builT-in security? You’re in the right place.

Alkemist:Code, our patented product is a built-in, virtually unbreakable threat immunization code that’s integrated literally at the source – the “build” stage of your pipeline!

Prevent attackers from taking control of your software

Stop existing vulnerabilities from spreading across multiple devices

Keep developers focused on new features

How It Works

Alkemist actively prevents common techniques attackers typically use to gain control, including:

  • Memory corruption vulnerabilities (buffer, stack, and heap)
  • Return/jump oriented programming (ROP/JOP) attacks
  • Compromised hardware and software supply chain attacks
  • Scaling of zero-day attacks.

Through randomizing your memory layout while keeping the system functionally identical.

Shift the odds in your favor.

Supports Linux, Windows, and RTOS-based applications and firmware running on Intel, ARM, and PPC chipsets.

Alkemist’s remotely-deployable, automatic cyberhardening transformation technology utilizes patented Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) and Moving Target Defense (MTD) techniques.

"Adding Alkemist to Avocent Core Insight means we have more opportunity to shrink the attack surface and reduce overall risks for our customers since security is now already built into our product." - Donnie Sturgeon, Senior Director, Vertiv

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