Are you using open source software? Do you want to eliminate vulnerabilities and deploy secure software?

Alkemist:Repo allows you to download pre-hardened open source packages where security protections are already applied.

Alkemist:Repo is easy to deploy. Download pre-hardened open source packages from RunSafe’s repository.

Protect open source software and dramatically reduce your attack surface

Smooth out patching & update processes

Stay protected even when a patch or fix isn’t available

How It Works

Every open source package contains software vulnerabilities, leaving you exposed to cyber attacks and often consume resources for scanning, testing, and patching.

Alkemist:Repo adds patented runtime cyber protections directly into your open source software, making every image functionally identical but logically unique. This automatically secures your critical IT infrastructure from the most common and severe types of cyber attacks.

"With RunSafe’s Alkemist:Repo solution, I can confidently tell our clients they have the most cutting-edge security protecting their sensitive data." - Jonathan Fishbeck, Founder and CEO, EstateSpace

Software Currently Available

How to Get Alkemist:Repo?

See the full list of Alkemist:Repo packages available here or Oracle’s OCI Marketplace

Running other open source components? We’re hardening new applications all the time, let us know what you need and we’ll add it to our library. Send requests to [email protected].

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