Protect Data Centers and Weapons Systems from Cyber Attacks

Cyberhardening of Military Systems is a requirement for today’s battlefield.

Cyberattack is part of all adversaries’ tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP’s), whether near-peer or unconventional. Legacy systems are especially vulnerable, with some designed before cyber threats existed and developers are no longer available.

Growing use of COTS components and open source software in new systems increases cyber vulnerability and concerns about supply chain integrity. Patching in a timely manner is not always possible given tactical deployments.

The RunSafe Advantage

RunSafe Security reduces cyber attack surfaces via our automated tools without slowing down software developers and maintainers. Software remains functionally identical to the original versions after RunSafe cyber hardening. At the same time, RunSafe’s products inoculate systems; logical differences mitigate memory corruption vulnerabilities (stack overflow, heap overflow) which are prevalent in all compiled code and often part of an attacker’s cyber kill chain.

Your knowledge of the system and software determines where you apply RunSafe’s products to increase cyber resilience. The integration of these tools into software development and build environments, including DevSecOps CI/CD pipelines, is straightforward. For example, it takes just 4 line edits in a Docker file. There are multiple options to integrate our solutions into your software build.

RunSafe’s product suite is in use by the US Navy, the US Air Force, and major primes today.

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