Secure Digital Enterprise Assets from Dangerous Cyber Threats

Hundreds of billions of lines of compiled code run mission-critical enterprise systems, including the interpreters required for every web-based application and the hypervisors, containers, virtual machines, web servers, and data storage essential to IT and cloud virtualization. With each new release, developers introduce code weaknesses and errors in this software that create new memory vulnerabilities.

Existing cyber defenses can’t stop attacks that target these weaknesses.

Cyber attackers can hit literally any system in an enterprise, with catastrophic damage potential: accounting system hacking to trading system disruption; emergency response system blocking to replicated system takeover affecting thousands of nodes; missile targeting redirection to helicopter control system compromise. Devastating risks like these to revenue, mission-critical operations, physical safety, and national security remain open today in most enterprises, and a flourishing dark web market has developed to sell vulnerabilities and pre-packaged exploits that target them.

DoD Red Teams report that up to 75% of cyber kill chains today depend on such memory-based exploits, and in late 2019 MITRE, NIST, and DHS named memory vulnerabilities the top software weakness.

RunSafe Security’s patented memory protection for open source, legacy, and third-party applications fills a gaping hole in application memory defense.

Built for self-service and native integration with the leading enterprise DevOps tools, RunSafe’s solutions automate transformations that defeat all known forms of memory corruption and exploitation. Even when inoculated programs contain known or unknown vulnerabilities, bad actors can’t find them because of the extreme memory location entropy introduced by RunSafe’s tools. This frees up tremendous amounts of resources from scanning, alert monitoring, emergency patching, and developer rework that are no longer needed once RunSafe Security’s products are in place.

The RunSafe Advantage

  • Universal Immunization
  • Zero Performance Penalty
  • Simple DevOps Integration
  • No learning curve, customization, or professional services
  • Reduced costs and shortened timelines

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