Billington Cyber Security Summit 2020

The 11th Billington CyberSecurity Summit, the world’s leading government cybersecurity summit, expands to a virtual, global audience in 2020. For the first time, attendees can network digitally with senior-level speakers, sponsors and attendees representing industry, government, and academia. Hear from the “who’s who” of cybersecurity influencers.

• Secure Your Remote Workforce in Government

• Managed Security

• DevSecOps

• 5G

• Cyber’s Role in Information Warfare

• Autonomous Cyber Defense

• Election Security

• Disinformation and AI/ML

• Critical Infrastructure Protection (in the utility and healthcare sectors)

• Cloud Security

• Zero Trust–Strategy and Execution



• Autonomous Cyber Defense

• Data in the Pandemic

• Lessons Learned from Covid-19

• Solarium Commission Recommendations, etc.

• International Cybersecurity Leadership Panel

• Supply Chain Risk

• Fireside Chats with VADM Norton and Dana Deasy

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