Security Heavyweights Weigh In on the New Work Reality

Join us as we sit down tomorrow with John Stewart, (former Chief Security Officer of Cisco), and Michael Grace (head of Samsung Knox security) to discuss how the sudden explosion of remote workers and the related attack surface impacts the threat landscape (for both mobile and IT infrastructure)…and what security teams and suppliers can do about it.

With unprecedented use of consumer based network and computing equipment in the home, what security ramifications should we consider beyond the obvious?  What are the broader scale impacts we should be thinking about?

Come hear from industry experts as we delve into these important topics and arm yourself with new insights on how to protect your product and organization.

Michael Grace, Head of Knox Security at Samsung Mobile
John Stewart, Owner of Talons Ventures, and former Chief Security Officer at Cisco

Nick Rea, VP Market Development, RunSafe Security

April 29th, 3:30pm EST/12:30 PST

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