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Looking into BugZ’s Crystal Ball: What the Industry’s First Coleopteran Chief Vulnerability Officer Predicts for 2019

Let’s not beat around the bug – 2018 was not a good year for my kind. As of now, nearly one in three computers was hit with a malware attack this year, and ransomware attacks were up 43% over 2017, with nothing to signal that these trends will decrease any time soon.

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Connectivity & Complex Supply Chains: Vulnerabilities of U.S. Weapon Systems

Bucking the trend of a cybersecurity blog beginning with bad news, we’re beginning this post with some positive news: the hunt for solutions to weapon systems vulnerabilities is finally underway. This thanks to The MITRE report, the GAO report, and Secretary Mattis’ recent launch of the Protecting Critical Technology Task Force, which fully articulate the vulnerabilities in legacy DoD weapon systems.

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Endpoints Don’t Have to be the Weak Cybersecurity Link!

What you are about to read could be straight out of a horror movie. You would hear the eerie voiceover intoning…”In a world where endpoints are under constant attack, how do you protect yourself? Your critical infrastructure? Your data? Your business?”

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