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Runsafe Security

Insecure Open Source Code Means Software Stacks Are Vulnerable: Painlessly Fix the Problem with Alkemist:Repo

The debate surrounding the security of open source code is sure to continue for years to come, but given that 50% of vulnerabilities in open source code often go unmitigated (even after four years), organizations remain exposed.  The usage of open source is nearly unavoidable today and it’s becoming an integral part of any software…

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DevSecOps Security

You Now Know that VxWorks is Vulnerable. Now What?

RunSafe Alkemist is an easy, proven method for cyberhardening legacy software and hardware by reducing the attack surface used to compromise firmware, operating systems, and applications within IT/OT environments. Alkemist protections are broadly applicable and suitable in power plants, utilities, data centers, communications networks, vehicles, medical devices, IoT and much more.

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