What is Alkemist:Repo? Protected Software for IT Infrastructure

Alkemist:Repo offerings are pre-hardened open source software packages delivered with Alkemist:Source security protections already applied. Deploy the same way you do today, with just one change to use the hardened file from RunSafe’s repository instead of the original the open source repo. Images are original supplier based and will work as drop-in replacements requiring no user rework or additional configuration changes outside of changing file pointer.

Why is Alkemist:Repo needed?

Every open source update adds new zero-day vulnerabilities, unknown risks that add overhead for scanning, testing, unplanned patching, and downtime. Alkemist:Repo adds patented runtime cyber protections directly into the open source code, guaranteeing that every image is functionally identical but logically unique. This automatically secures your critical IT infrastructure from the most common and severe types of cyber attacks.

Need to know how to immunize software natively in your existing build and deploy toolchains, or DevSecOps? Click here.

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Software Currently Available


How to Get Alkemist:Repo?

See the full list of Alkemist:Repo packages available at dockerhub or Oracle’s OCI Marketplace

Running other open source components? We’re hardening new applications all the time, let us know what you need and we’ll add it to our library. Send requests to [email protected].



Hardened Against Attacks

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