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Jen Sovada: “People are Our Best Asset”

Lessons from the School of Security Hard Knocks
Jen Sovada: “People are Our Best Asset”

In today’s episode of RunSafe’s podcast, Lessons from the School of Security Hard Knocks, we are joined by Jen Sovada, President of Public Sector at SandboxAQ. This enterprise SaaS company leverages quantum tech and AI to solve society’s most significant challenges.

Jen shares more about what her role at SandboxAQ entails, quantum computers’ influence on internet security, serving as chair of the board of the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum, viewing AI as an opportunity rather than a threat, what surprises her about her students today, and more.

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Madison Horn: “Understand the Why”

Today’s guest is Madison Horn, CEO of Critical Fault and former US Senate nominee.

In today’s episode, Madison discusses Critical Fault and her role there, how trends in cybersecurity have changed over the past 10 years, her thoughts on the Biden administration’s National Cybersecurity Strategy, the seriousness of China’s threat on critical infrastructure, the biggest threat to our national security, if we are facing a new world order, what cybersecurity issues Congress should focus on, whether she will consider running for office again in the future, and as always, her toughest lesson learned.

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Candice Frost: “Never Stop Knocking”

Today’s guest is Colonel Candice Frost, Adjunct Professor of Security Studies Program at Georgetown University.

In today’s episode, Colonel Frost discusses her transition from her military career to the private sector, serving as commander of the Joint Intelligence Operations Center for USCYBERCOMMAND, how she approaches near term threat horizons vs longer term threat horizons, lessons we can learn from the war in Ukraine, what she looks for in leaders, pressing national security issues, critical infrastructure threats, how we can improve public/private partnerships, and as always, her toughest lesson learned.

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Teresa Shea: “Trust”

Today’s guest is Teresa Shea, President of Oplnet LLC.

In today’s episode, Teresa shares how she got involved in signals intelligence, the role universities should play to develop future security leaders in cyber offensive and defensive domains, the differences and similarities between government-sponsored R&D and venture capital, the role threat intelligence plays in cyber operations for defensive purposes, how enterprises can gain insight on offensive methods to inform their security posture, her thoughts on the National Cybersecurity Strategy document, whether she is optimistic or pessimistic about the future of cybersecurity, how someone should prepare for a career in cyber operations, and as always, her toughest lesson learned.

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