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Cyber Week Runsafe

CyberWeek Trivia Tournament Hosted By RunSafe Security

RunSafe Security has decided to hold a trivia tournament during CyberWeek and the winner will receive the coveted RunSafe Trivia Cup and earning the moniker, “The Smartest Cybersecurity Company in the World.”     Every week, as part of our internal team social activities, our team competes in individual trivia competitions. The competition is fierce,…

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With RunSafe and JFrog Together, Immunize Code Directly in the Pipeline without Developer Friction

RunSafe Alkemist is a cybersecurity solution built to defeat an entire class of cyber attacks. It seamlessly integrates into software build toolchains to eliminate the threat of memory-based vulnerabilities. Through RunSafe’s unique User Plugin, Jfrog users can now automatically apply Alkemist protections directly to artifacts flowing through Artifactory repositories. With JFrog being the Universal DevOps…

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