JFrog pioneered the science of continuous updates for enterprise software. Thousands of customers, including Google, Netflix, and Capital One, rely on their Artifactory universal artifact repository. RunSafe created a Jfrog plugin that can automatically secure every binary managed by Artifactory from memory attacks.

RunSafe’s Jfrog plugin integrates Artifactory with Alkemist:Binary software to create a hardened version of any selected binary artifact on demand. The hardening process assures continuous code security for every binary – whether 3rd party, open source, or in house code – prior to deployment.

Alkemist’s patented cyberhardening technology protects code against memory corruption errors and buffer overflow exploits — the techniques attackers typically use to gain control of vulnerable code, systems, and devices. Alkemist transforms binaries using Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) and Moving Target Defense (MTD) techniques, making them impervious to memory attacks and avoiding the need for emergency patching.