A Meteoric Rise & Fall: The Impact of COVID-19 on Zoom

BYOD on steroids. That’s the best way to describe the sudden shift to a remote working posture that occurred in response to COVID-19. Organizations of all sizes made an immediate pivot to support employees’ new work from home arrangements, with very little preparation and no opportunity for a gradual rollout. Before coronavirus, working from home was the exception, but in an instant, it became the norm and the working world immediately felt the impact.

Teleconferencing companies like Zoom went from a high-tech favored product to a mainstream tool for students, families, governments, and companies of all sizes. Wall Street traders at Goldman Sachs and other firms prepared for remote trading by quickly setting up special video conferencing setups to run all day. And it wasn’t just the private sector — even the UK Prime Minister and the Pentagon turned to Zoom to make remote work possible during a time of global crisis. With a high profile and perhaps a bullseye on its back, Zoom’s security practices quickly came under the spotlight.