Joe Saunders

Despite admittedly having no acting skills, Founder and CEO Joseph Saunders takes pride in modeling his leadership style after Hawkeye from Last of the Mohicans, who is widely-renowned for being a transformational leader in American history, culture and cinema. Aptly nicknamed JoeHawk by his high school baseball teammates, Joe is on a personal mission to transform cybersecurity by challenging outdated assumptions and disrupting the economics that motivate hackers to attack again, and again and again.

Driven by a deep-rooted purpose to make the world a safer place, JoeHawk leads a group of tight-knit, high-performing transformers who are delivering world class security that is not only easy to deploy, but actually solves problems by thwarting vulnerabilities. JoeHawk is inspired on a daily basis by the company’s current and prospective customers that have come to understand just how elegant, simple and effective RunSafe’s product is.

JoeHawk is a Michigan Wolverine (B.S. Mathematics), a Northwestern Wildcat (M.S. Predictive Analytics) and a George Mason Patriot (MBA), with a mix of entrepreneurial and corporate experiences that have each helped shape his leadership style. When not hardening binaries, JoeHawk plays chess almost as well as Bobby Fischer, swims laps sort of like Michael Phelps and proclaims himself as a data scientist, at least within the confines of his home. By the end of his tenure as CEO, JoeHawk expects RunSafe to be credited with building the de facto approach to protecting all embedded systems and devices.