Alkemist reduces attack surfaces and costs associated with frequent security updates and releases of IOT and embedded systems.  Without changing a line of code or slowing down product releases, you and your development teams can immunize your software in your build environment.  The instructions to do so are accessible via RunSafe’s Alkemist’s Self Service Portal (SSP).

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For Engineers

  • Implement a consistent security experience when you build with Alkemist, reducing support costs

  • Inoculate software without slowing down software developers

  • Give yourself additional time to push software updates to fielded, hard to reach systems

For Product Managers

  • Dramatically reduce attack surface without slowing down developers increase the supply chain integrity of open source components

  • Reduce overall support costs resulting from patch madness and security incidents

  • Differentiate product offering by immunizing code from known and unknown vulnerabilities


Watch an Introduction into the Benefits of Yocto and RunSafe

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