Join RunSafe at Billington Cybersecurity Summit

Billington Cybersecurity.

The World’s Leading Government Summit on Cybersecurity

October 6-8, 2021 | Virtual Event

RunSafe’s team is proud to be a part of the annual event convening the top “who’s who” in cybersecurity leadership, featuring an unparalleled three days of high-level networking and knowledge-sharing to advocate the cyber mission in the U.S. government and among allied countries.

Our Founder and CEO, Joe Saunders, will be joining the following experts in a panel focusing on “The Ransomware Threat”:

This group of government and private sector experts will discuss the emergence of ransomware, the recent attacks against Colonial Pipeline, and the rise of cybercriminal groups’ impacts on the cybersecurity environment.

Discussion topics include:

  • How is ransomware and the emergence of cybercrime cartels changing the National Security picture?
  • What role does the Federal Government have in protecting companies working to provide the critical infrastructure – energy, transportation, communication, and financial – necessary to keep the country’s economy strong?
  • Can international cyber norms help to address the growing rise of cybercrime?

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