Joint Webinar: Seamlessly Immunize Code without Developer Friction via JFrog and RunSafe

As responsibilities for securing code continue to shift left towards development teams, it can be challenging to find a balance between robust security and developer friction. Software Engineers want to reduce vulnerabilities in their apps, but can’t be bogged down with heavyweight tools. Or, tools simply identify vulnerabilities but fail to deliver effective and efficient remediation. Luckily, new tools and cool technologies are emerging to tackle this issue.

RunSafe and JFrog have partnered together to integrate automated code immunization in DevSecOps pipelines. Through RunSafe’s Artifactory Plugin, users can now easily harden binaries to protect against memory-based attacks.

In this webinar, RunSafe and JFrog will introduce cutting-edge security techniques, allowing users to protect both source and binary code flowing through their pipelines from memory-based attacks. Includes a walkthrough of a real-world exploit where Alkemist was successful at mitigating the attack in Apache/PHP.

JFrog Overview
RunSafe Alkemist Overview
Artifactory Plugin Overview
Live Exploit Demo
Artifactory Plugin Demo

Who should attend
DevSecOps Practitioners
Software Engineers
Engineering Leaders
Application Security Owners

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