RunSafe Security Alkemist:Repo Launches on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

RunSafe Security taps the Oracle Cloud Marketplace as a strategic distribution platform for its pre-hardened IT Infrastructure Program known as Alkemist:Repo.

Alkemist:Repo. is an exciting new program that offers pre-hardened Open Source IT Infrastructure software components with RunSafe protections built in. Using RunSafe’s patented Alkemist transformation engine, the Open Source images available on the Marketplace include intrinsic cyber security protections for common IT infrastructure that effectively immunize them against the most common and dangerous threats to software today, memory exploitation attacks.

Starting with Apache httpd, RunSafe is pre-hardening multiple popular Open Source components to help make enterprise infrastructure more secure. These images are functionally identical to the images you deploy today, but add a native ability to ward off an entire class of cyber attacks. No additional security agents to manage, no new alerts to track, just hardened code that protects itself with zero intervention from the end customer. By using cutting-edge Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) and Moving Target Defense (MTD) techniques, RunSafe Alkemist:Repo images on the Marketplace protect you from both known and unknown vulnerabilities.

Deployment is simple. Just point your deployment script to the protected Apache httpd image on the OCI marketplace and you’re done. With the endless stream of new vulnerabilities across all Open Source software, Alkemist:Repo provides a consistent layer of powerful protection that’s there for the long haul. Deploy once and you’re done; the protections are then persistent for the life of the deployment, with no patching required.

Not using Apache httpd? That’s OK! Please reach out to RunSafe and let us know what Open Source IT infrastructure you’re running in your instance and we’ll work with you to harden it from attack. You can reach us at (

RunSafe and Oracle are changing the playing field of hacker economics back in favor of the defender. By simply swapping out to a RunSafe Alkemist:Repo image, you’re protected from the most dangerous threats to software today. De犀利士
ploy today with confidence knowing that you’ll be protected tomorrow…and into the future!

Click here to visit the RunSafe Alkemist:Repo listing on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

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