As a supplier, you want to be a dependable link in the supply chain, providing assurance to manufacturers who incorporate your hardware or software. However, sensitive information, intellectual property, and trade secrets are increasingly being targeted by hackers, cyber criminals and nation states, with adversaries compromising the weakest point in the chain to initiate each cyberattack.

The insides of a smart phone, a car’s anti-lock braking system, an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner, and literally thousands of other products incorporate electronic parts that circumnavigate the globe prior to reaching manufacturing assembly lines or consumers. Each step in the process may allow hackers to introduce exploits, malware, or zero days that can disrupt the production and cause harm.

The RunSafe Advantage

By cyberhardening critical devices and systems, RunSafe Security’s Alkemist prevents a single exploit from propagating across multiple systems, thereby shrinking attack surfaces, closing vulnerabilities, and minimizing the opportunity for physical damage and destruction, and the interruption of supply chain operations worldwide.

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