How does RunSafe deploy code protections for applications built on real time operating system deployments?

In this edition of the RunSafe Security Minute, we learn why real-time operating systems are indispensable for infrastructure, national security, safety, and science.

Enhancing Code Protections for Real-Time Operating Systems

With RunSafe’s VxWorks solution, we’ve fortified critical systems against memory corruption attacks and vulnerabilities, all seamlessly integrated without disrupting system operation. To make this happen, we had to update various Linux-focused interfaces to align with VxWorks counterparts. This entails addressing differences like environment variables and system libraries.

We’ve introduced new methods for configuring and debugging protections, enhancing control over the VxWorks code protection process. Plus, our Linux tools have been adapted to a new Windows tool suite, simplifying integration with your VxWorks Workbench development environment. With just a few clicks and keystrokes, you can incorporate RunSafe protection into your project, ensuring the safeguarding of your deployment.

Learn how we enhance code protections for real-time systems – an essential insight in today’s fast-paced, security-conscious world.

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