RSSM: Software Development with Lynx and RunSafe – Enhance Efficiency and Mitigate Risks

Embark on a journey of innovation with RunSafe and Lynx, a distinguished provider of real-time operating systems that is revolutionizing the software development landscape.

Enhance Software Development Efficiency with Lynx and RunSafe’s Synergistic Power.

Lynx Software Technologies’ (Lynx) clientele across aircraft manufacturers, industrial controls, defense systems, and IOT devices share a common goal: the reduction of costs, risks, and scheduling complexities. RunSafe is an all-encompassing solution that addresses these challenges in a unified package. It protects the LYNX MOSA.ic framework against 40-70% of the most common vulnerabilities with no developer impact.

The seamless integration between RunSafe solutions and LYNX MOSA.ic streamlines processes, liberating clients from the burdens of labor-intensive bug chasing and emergency patch testing. Imagine reclaiming hundreds of labor years that were once dedicated to navigating the complexities of software development security patching.

When managing cyber risks during software development, on-time deliveries, patch deployments, and developer efficiency often bear the brunt of unpredictable impacts. While software testing is undeniably essential, it doesn’t capture every nuance. This is where RunSafe comes in – by residing on the customer’s device, it proactively mitigates the majority of memory safety-related bugs, protecting against potential exploitation.

The significance of this cannot be overstated. With RunSafe protections, developers are empowered to redirect their focus from constantly patching the latest bugs to enhancing software with value-added features. The result is a more streamlined and efficient software development experience that leverages the full potential of both the LYNX MOSA.ic framework and RunSafe solutions.

Working with real-time operating systems provides extensive opportunities for innovation and risk. But with Lynx and RunSafe, innovation takes precedence over bug resolution, letting developers and product managers focus on creation rather than resolution.

Lynx and RunSafe invite you to join them on this transformative journey to refocus software development on innovation. These cutting-edge solutions redefine the possibilities of software development.

Embrace the power of synergy, efficiency, and risk mitigation – unlock a smoother and more productive software development experience with LYNX MOSA.ic and RunSafe at the forefront.

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