What are the highlights from MITRE’s “Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Weaknesses” listing published in June 2023?

In this insightful episode of the RunSafe Security Minute, we delve into MITRE’s “Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Weaknesses” for the year 2023. Dave Salwen, VP, Embedded Systems at RunSafe uncovers the standout findings, shedding light on tangible threats actively exploited by malicious actors.

Unveiling MITRE’s Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Security Threats

The MITRE report combines actual vulnerabilities with data from real attacks, shedding light on the current landscape of software security threats and cybersecurity risks. Notably, memory corruption vulnerabilities continue to be a prominent concern, ranking at the top positions.

Dave also discusses how RunSafe’s solutions, applied at compile time, can effectively address these memory safety issues, providing robust protection for software development teams responsible for safeguarding critical infrastructure and weapon systems while implementing essential security best practices.

How Much of Your Attack Surface Can You Reduce?

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