What are 3 aspects of secure-by-design you’re excited RunSafe is implementing?

In this video, we’ll discuss re-implementing the randomization library in Rust, the public release of software build materials (SBOMs) for all our products, and the expansion of our repository offerings to include various environments.

Leading the Way with Secure-by-Design

Over a year ago, we started re-implementing our randomization library using Rust. Even though it wasn’t an immediate attack vector, we prioritized security and pushed forward with the rewrite. This crucial update will be featured in our upcoming 5.x release of RunSafe Code, enhancing our software’s robustness and security.

Transparency is key to secure-by-design, which is why we’re making software build materials (SBOMs) public for all our offerings. This allows our customers to inspect and report any vulnerabilities they find, helping them stay informed and secure. By providing SBOMs, we ensure you know exactly when and why to update RunSafe Code in your systems.

Furthermore, we are expanding our repository offerings to include more packages for Debian, Red Hat, and Docker environments. These new packages will also come with SBOMs, offering hardened versions of existing open-source software and detailed information for seamless deployment.

These updates are just the beginning. We have many more exciting projects in the secure-by-design space that we can’t wait to share with you. Stay tuned for more.

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