IT Virtualization

The unintended consequence of cloud-based infrastructure and virtual environments is the rapid expansion of the attack surface, propagated by the software that is necessary to virtualize machines. As such, attackers are continually refining their techniques to take advantage of the millions of identical binary templates for virtual environments (aka golden images) that enable the benefits that so many businesses and government agencies rely on.

While a company may know its own source code, configurations, equipment, personnel and processes, IT virtualization introduces the vulnerabilities of globally sourced third-party hardware, software and configurations that surround, penetrate, and bind the remote environment altogether.

To mitigate the risk to virtualized networks and systems, RunSafe Security’s Alkemist uses remotely deployable runtime application self-protection (RASP) techniques to preclude exploits from spreading without touching source code, helping organizations to maintain operational uptime by shrinking attack surfaces and minimizing vulnerabilities.

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